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Home Equity Line or Loan
Auto Loan
MB Plus Overdraft Protection
Are You Experiencing Financial Difficulties and Unable to Pay Your Home Equity Line or Loan Payments?

Home Equity Line or Loan

Turn the equity in your home into ready cash for any reason: college, home improvement, a vacation or an emergency. Home Equity loans are available as a term loan or a credit line. Our Home Equity Line lets you activate your loan up to the approved amount by simply writing a check. Our Home Equity Loan is a term loan with fixed monthly payments over a period of time.

Auto Loan

Manufacturers Bank offers loans to finance new and used autos.

MB Plus Overdraft Protection

MB Plus provides overdraft protection for your Manufacturers Bank personal checking account. It is a line of credit that is automatically activated only if you overdraw your account.

Are You Experiencing Financial Difficulties and Unable to Pay Your Home Equity Line or Loan Payments?

During the course of homeownership, increased expenses or changes in your income may make it difficult to pay your bills, including your home equity line or loan payments. If you cannot afford the monthly payments on your home equity line or loan secured by owner-occupied, residential real estate and wish to avoid foreclosure, you may be eligible for a loan workout. We determine eligibility for loan workouts on a case-by-case basis. Among other things, we will consider the value of your property and your ability (based on current income) to make monthly payments in accordance with the workout. You may also qualify to refinance your current home equity line or loan obligation with us.

In order to consider a loan workout or a refinance of your loan, and to better assist you in discussing options that may be available to you, we will need the following information from you:

  • A brief explanation of your circumstances
  • Recent income documents: pay stubs, benefit statements form Social Security, disability, unemployment, or proof of any other income
  • Copy of two years of signed tax returns
  • A current financial statement

Our ability to approve any workout or refinance plan is subject to a number of conditions, including all of the following:

  • Value and condition of the property
  • Confirmation of your immediate and future ability to make payments
  • Review of your financial condition and reasons for delinquency
  • Our ability to obtain subordination of other obligations secured by the property

The sooner you telephone us, the higher the likelihood that we can find an alternative for you. If you would like to discuss your options to avoiding foreclosure with us, please call 877-560-9812 and ask for our Special Assets Department.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsors housing counseling agencies throughout the country that can provide advice and guidance regarding defaults, foreclosures, credit issues and alternatives to you. You may contact HUD to find a HUD-certified housing counseling agency by calling 800-569-4287. Additional information is available from HUD at its website at

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