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Import Services

With the expertise of our International Banking Service team we can assist you in finding the right service, including import commercial letters of credit and import documentary collections.

Import Commercial Letters of Credit
We can provide you with payment methods for overseas and domestic suppliers and vendors including sight and usance letters of credit. This helps to ensure that you receive the shipping documents on time from overseas suppliers and vendors.

Import Documentary Collections
Consider this alternative to letters of credit when purchasing merchandise from an overseas or domestic supplier/vendor. Its a cost-effective payment method that ensures you receive the proper shipping documents upon payment or acceptance of a sellers draft.

Banker's Acceptances
Bankers Acceptances are alternative methods of financing your documentary letters of credit or collection transactions.

Standby Letters of Credit
This cost-effective payment method allows you to meet financial obligations and commitments required under a contractual agreement.

Shipside Bonds or Guarantees
These allow you to take delivery of imported merchandise before receiving the shipping documents.

Export Services

Providing an appropriately structured letter of credit or other instrument from your buyer so you can close the deal, whether you are an exporter, manufacturer or the middleman.

Export Commercial Letters of Credit
If you are a manufacturer/exporter, export commercial letters of credit provide you with assurance of payment for your export against the presentation of shipping documents that comply with the terms of the letter of credit. Manufacturers Bank may also confirm letters of credit issued by banks and/or in countries considered riskier to give you added assurance of payment.

Export Documentary Collections
If you are a manufacturer/exporter, export documentary collections provide you with an alternative cost-effective method to ensure payment from your overseas customers based on presentation of shipping documents to the buyer's bank. It enables you to retain control of the title documents for the merchandise being sold, until you are fully paid.

Transferable Letters of Credit
If you are a middleman, transferable letters of credit allow you to transfer the letter of credit from your buyer to a supplier to purchase the required goods, without a line of credit. It enables you to secure your profit on the transaction and to substitute your name on the letter of credit in place of your buyer.

Banker's Acceptance
A Banker's acceptance can be created with a time draft under an export letter of credit advised or confirmed by Manufacturers Bank. A discounted banker's acceptance is a low-cost fixed-rate alternative to the traditional financing that helps exporters accelerate cash flow.

Foreign Exchange Services

When you need to handle payments in foreign currencies, our International Banking Team offers both competitive pricing and experience in dealing with highly complex foreign currency market.

Spot Contracts
Exchange international payments in almost any currency with third parties or your own foreign currency accounts.

Forward Contracts
Manage your foreign exchange exposure and cash flow position with forward contracts offering fixed long-term settlement dates. Can be arranged in most major international currencies.

Forward Contracts with Options on Delivery Dates
Forward contracts with "window" delivery dates gives you the flexibility of choosing from a range of delivery or maturity dates. Can be arranged in most major international currencies.

Foreign Drafts and Wire Transfers
Make timely payments and remittances anywhere* in the world in almost any currency.

*Subject to government regulations.

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